Climate Change is Happening

by Joy Tomme

All the otherwise intelligent people who don’t believe in global warming are going to have to pull their heads out of the sand, if not out of their asses. Climate across the globe is changing and it’s because of the actions of unthinking human beings. This morning, the New York Times reported that the secretary general of the World Meteorological Organization Michel Jarraud said, “Now we are at the point where there is so much information, so much evidence, that we can no longer plead ignorance. “ And, a hopeful sign is that governments and businesses around the globe are making changes to “adapt to climate disruptions”, such as preventing future damage from flooding and raising flood walls.

But the major change that is going to have to be faced by the US and other large countries on this planet is that we must cut down on greenhouse gases—emissions like carbon dioxide from cars and power plants that kill earth’s animals and creatures that live in our oceans and cause frozen Arctic soils to melt. In addition, a consequence of climate change is that the world’s food supply is under risk which is leading to even greater incidents of starvation around the world.

Climate change is here and it’s a serious problem. And no matter how much politicians want to pretend it isn’t happening, we have to start undoing the damage we’ve done to ourselves. And we have to do it NOW.