Are You Atypical? Pharms, Doctors and Shrinks Want to Fix You

by Joy Tomme

Two articles in the New York Times Today (“Attention Disorder Spurs Research”; “The Trouble With Too Much T”) made my hair stand on end. Even though the world continues to be horrified by the aims of the Nazis to rid the earth of people it deemed inferior and to form a super race, and even though we are still pointing fingers at Germany for its sins seventy years ago, our medical, pharmaceutical and psychiatric industries are doing the same thing with little objection or criticism from reasonable thoughtful people around the world.

The NYT tells us that an article in the “Journal of Abnormal Psychiatry” reports that many of the world’s children may not only have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder)—which diagnosis is allowing doctors and psychiatrists to overmedicate youngsters because parents want their children to calm down and be smarter. But the world’s children may also have SCT (sluggish cognitive tempo), which diagnosis, the shrinks assure us, can also be treated with the drugs used for ADHD. Never mind that the malady sounds like it would be the opposite syndrome of ADHD–the Journal says both ADHD and SCT focus on “inattentive” children.

SCT has not been formally admitted to the shrinks’ Bible—Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—nor does the new disease have an agreed-upon list of symptoms. But a preliminary list of symptoms that are being found in children and which can be medicated with the ADHD drugs, are, the Journal says: lethargy, daydreamyness and slowness in mental processing.

Admittedly, though many child psychiatrists view the recent SCT news to be “an exciting finding”, and a spokeswoman from pharmaceutical firm Eli Lily said that SCT is a condition it “continues to study to help satisfy unmet medical needs around the world”, many psychiatrists feel SCT is just the latest fad which has been invented to sell drugs.

Nevertheless, diverse behaviors and physical conditions that have always been seen as acceptable by society and by the medical and psychiatric industries are being switched over into the “unacceptable” column of conditions that need to be treated and eradicated. How different is this from the aims of Nazi Germany?

And even more horrifying and hair-raising is the second article in today’s NYT, which is about women in sports who are being forced to take drugs and have surgeries when they are found to have more testosterone than is thought to be normal. “Forced” is a strong word. But sports-governing federations mandate that a female athlete must undergo tests to prove that she is a woman if it’s thought she has too much natural-occurring testosterone in her body. If it is found she does have too much “T”, she will be told she has to have surgeries and take drugs to lower her T level, or she will be banned forever from sports competition. Some woman are born with internal testes that raise their T level. Two of the surgeries a woman with too much T are forced to have is surgical removal of these testes and surgical removal of the clitoris. All of these procedures are draconian and unnecessary since a high T level does not mean a woman has an edge in performance in sports.

As far as I can tell, doctors and psychiatrists are making narrower and narrower determinations about the conditions they deem to be normal and the conditions they view as unacceptable and needful of eradication or drug therapy.

Right after World War II, I enrolled in the music school at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. I remember being herded into the university gymnasium with the other freshman women and told to take my clothes off. (Back, then, one did not argue with authority…it was a procedure I had to go through in order to be a U of I student, like it or not.) I was photographed front, sides and back, totally naked, in front of a panel of men and women. We were told we were part of a study on scoliosis. Many years later I found out I had been part of a eugenics (controlled breeding) study on female body types.

Are we sliding into mandatory genetic altering “for the good of mankind”? Yes, I think so. And it scares me!!!!!!!