The Holy Life

by Joy Tomme

In the Christian religion it’s impossible to arrive at a consensus as to what a holy life is. This is because there is no consensus in Christianity as to what Christianity is. The born-agains have one model, the Roman Catholic Church has another model, Protestant religions have another model.

However, one can say that the most widely-followed forms of Christian religion base their tenets on the Bible’s New Testament English version commonly called the King James Bible completed and printed in 1611. And the Jesus Christ that is presented to us in the 27 accepted books of the New Testament in all the various Christian churches throughout the world is the Jesus Christ we are to follow and emulate. Presumably, if we do that, adhering to whatever model of Christian religion we choose. then we will come close to living a holy life.

The odd thing is, if we fashion ourselves after the Jesus Christ that is presented to us in the New Testament, we would not be living the holy life our churches claim is Christian. We can only live a holy life if we follow the teaching of Christian churches. Emulating the way Jesus acted is not good enough.

We are told Jesus said, “Love each other as I have loved you”. If we look to Jesus’s actions for guidance on loving each other, we would see that he sharply criticized his followers when they fell short of his expectations (Matthew 16:23); he was sarcastic to them (Mark 8:14); he was inconsiderate to his mother and father (Matthew 12:46; Luke 2:41); he sassed his mother (John 2:1); he was nasty to a non-Jewish woman who asked for his healing (Matthew 15:21). On the plus side, he accepted everyone into his inner circle and was not judgmental about life styles and behaviors. and he cautioned that anyone abusing little children was putting his soul in jeopardy.

In other words, Jesus loved the way most of us love…very humanly and sometimes thoughtlessly.

Jesus railed against the rules and practices in the organized religion of his day and preached that there needed to be changes.

Jesus railed against the theologians of his day who were also the political leaders of his day.

Jesus did not follow the religious dietary rules of his day; Jesus did not follow the religious rules of his day against touching unclean persons, which made him unclean.

And Matthew 16:24 shows that Jesus was very arrogant.

According to the picture of how Jesus lived and acted that the New Testament shows us, yes, I believe I live a holy life. But according to the after-the-fact spin Christianity put on Jesus’ actions, when I act the way Jesus acted, I am not being anywhere near holy enough.